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Most people are aware of the foreign exchange (forex) market at some level. If you have exchanged money into another currency traveling or purchased goods and services from abroad for business or personal use, you have participated in the world’s largest investment market - forex. While most people have participated in the forex market, the vast majority do not understand the investment potential and how to incorporate forex into your portfolio.

Forex investments offers you a unique approach to diversification

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How it Works

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Forex right for your investment portfolio and financial goals? Speak with a Senior Fund Partner today to learn more.

Initial Investment

After speaking with a Senior Fund Partner we’ll be able to determine what initial investment is right for you and your family.

Secure Contributions

Add to your investment on a monthly or quarterly basis in secure pre authorized transaction that can be stopped or modified at any time. We also support employer matching programs so speak with your employer today to increase your savings

Watch Your Money Grow

With our quarterly statements and updates you’ll be able to see how much your investment has grown over the past quarter. Full transparency on all our winning, and losing, trades on the Forex Market.

Refer Loved Ones

Now that your money is secure and making outstanding returns you want your loved ones to be doing the same right? Every referral is $200 added directly into your account!

Track Record

We’re open and honest regarding our track record. We target a return of 15 to 30% a year. If you would like to see more please speak with us today.



  • “As a retiree, I put safety of my investments first. But I was looking to get a better return on some money I set aside to help my grandkids. Thanks to Canadian Wealth Strategies my grandkids will be enjoying a lot better future!”
    - B. KEMPTON
  • “Very professional and knowledgeable. We've known the Fund Manager for many years since we dealt with him at the bank. We've always appreciated the interaction and care.”
    P. FABER
  • “Solid advice, keep up the good work. There are not many local companies that have the know-how to do forex investing profitably. I’ve tried it myself and it didn’t go well. Better to trust the experts!”
  • “First Rate experience so far, I’ve known the Fund Manager for years and put great trust in his approach to business and investing. We invested $10,000 to start and we’ve seen that more than double to over $24,000 in just three years.”
    - C. RODGERS
  • “They have a proven approach to investing. I was hesitant at first, but after seeing what others have made, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. One of the best decisions we made, my wife is excited every time we get a new statement.”

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2% 30%

Our Return

1% 30.9%

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Current Annual Rate of Return

Our Return

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We’re the experts and we’re here to make you money. It’s just that simple.

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